Through the use of our photo restoration and photo retouching methods, it is now possible to do photo repairs or photo restoration without damaging the original. A good family snapshot can become a great old photograph by simply fixing a few flaws. An old family photo can be greatly improved by our photo retouch process. Upload Your Photo Now . Repairing Damaged Photos is our Specialty!

As part of Fixing Photos digital photo restoration or photo enhancement, we do our very best to adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels. Our photo restoration / photo retouching services:

We focus on getting rid of:
- Scratches,
- replace missing or damaged areas,
- remove water damage,
- smooth out wrinkles or other facial blemishes.

Here at Bella Rose Photography we do whatever is required to create the best possible results. We deal with Moderate, Minor, Major and Extreme restoration.

We fully guarantee our photo restoration and photo repair service.

Restoration service repair or retouch your damaged photographs or digital images. Using state-of-the-art computer software as our tools, we can easily complete the task of photo repair, photo restoration or photo retouching by enhancing, manipulating, or repairing your cherished photo.

We can also manipulate your photo or digital image until it’s something entirely new. Check out our sample images for examples of the many photo alterations. We also offer a selection of photo enhancements: object removal or merging of objects, sepia effects, colorization, color to black and white, dream effects.


Basic restoration (color correction, removal of very slight damage such as small scratches and blotches) $25 for the first hour $20 for each additional hour.

Medium restoration (color correction, removal of extensive scratches, removal of larger damaged areas such as large scratches, tears, or missing patches and blotches (excluding faces and detailed areas) $35 for the first hour $25 for each additional hour.

Extensive restoration (color correction, removal of large scratches and tears, repairing of missing areas or damage over detailed areas and faces, rebuilding of missing parts of the photos and/or the removal of detailed tiny scratches and tiny blotches) $45 for the first hour $30 for each additional hour.

Note: I will always advise if the photo is beyond restoration if badly damaged, or the level of restoration that can be performed.

Coloring of Black and White Photos: Black and white or sepia photos that have been repaired can be artificially coloured. This is priced at an hourly rate and is required to be quoted per job.